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As i indicated above it has now been ported to the va and although the data is somewhat preliminary it appears that star va is an extremely effective non pharmacological approach. But until we start tracking this important outcome i don t think there will be a way to get a handle on this in the future. i ll leave to the side the question of government officials essentially forcibly taking your privacy away via electronic snooping which i consider a different animal entirely . I recently attended the 2014 american psychological association conference and saw no less than three different booths demonstrating commercially available virtual reality software and hardware designed for clinical purposes. Some patients even engage in wandering or exit seeking. offering specialized music to patients based on individualized preferences reminiscence therapy via use of family photos and video files adults chats with out email. I ve written previously on mobile apps and their applications to older adults with dementia here and i ve written about a nifty potential way of addressing wait times for patients receiving help in long term care here. So here was the difficulty with bob.

This is basically the approach of sites like blendr badoo or adultfriendfinder you see something you like you message them. a representative kind of behavior that the star program is designed to address is a problem that s consistent and chronic as opposed to a one off behavior takes place at reasonably consistent times and isn t the result of an unstable underlying medical condition e. What makes it special unlike any other recreational activity. imagine that you re a patient in a hospital and you have trouble walking controlling your bowels and bladder and require assistance to keep yourself clean and toileted. This is not exactly what i consider to be the job of professional nursing staff but perhaps my view is old fashioned and unfairly restrictive adults chats with out email. If i ever find myself in private practice i imagine that gerontechnology consulting for in home caregivers and crafting personalized solutions will be a big part of the work i do and i m excited because the upside potential is clearly huge. I think there are people who actually do actually think this. Say you have a resident with dementia who becomes agitated during adl care e.

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a really novel idea proposed by one of my recreation therapy colleagues when i was excitedly recounting my experience with touring the vr booths at apa was the idea of a virtual snoezelen room more on snoezelen rooms here . So attitudes on this issue can certainly range. However they would also be computers hooked to the internet so that residents can utilize videoconferencing technology to communicate with staff and family.
Watch internet tv like netflix youtube hulu etc. So in just the last few year alone privacy has become really a commodity that we re willing to trade in order to receive concrete benefits in return. Com or for specifically finding and dating school alumni datemyschool. In terms of informal indirect services we do curbside consulting which is what i call those informal friendly chats at nursing stations or in breakrooms where nurses usually in the midst of chatting about unrelated issues what they did for the weekend etc.

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