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Principal teri stokes tries to observe every teacher at least two times a month. As usual our principals responded with dozens of practical ideas. Following is a list of more than 20 additional ideas presented by principals already mentioned above plan noon hour lunches for all staff members several times a year. All teachers yearn for reassurance that they are doing a good job dating headline for match ideas. Before heading on to the next class stokes takes a moment to scribble a positive comment or two on a sticky note. In addition stokes often drops little feel good cards or inexpensive gifts in teachers mailboxes or on their desks. To build a strong team principal phil shaman held an educational olympics at this school one year.

don t leave out the paraprofessionals the school secretaries or the custodians. Teachers feel treated and they get to know new colleagues which is essential in an international school with a fairly transient faculty. More practical ideas from the principal files have you seen these articles from the principal files series. That retreat was paid for by a parent donation ryan noted but in other years we have held simpler daytime off grounds retreats that have been very effective in setting a tone for the year dating headline for match ideas. On the way out of the room she sticks that note to the door or the teacher s desk. At our school we try to do that. All events required that team members support each other to complete a task.

Administrators always have to put aside their own issues and do what is best for students and staff in a caring and sensitive way. those lunches can be roving lunches in which people eat during their regularly scheduled lunch period or they can be whole staff lunches that kick off professional development sessions scheduled for the p. The neat thing about the golden apple is that the teachers select its recipients.
Davis reports that at each month s staff meeting at his school two teachers are awarded the golden apple for their above and beyond efforts. Weekly memos or e mails and regular staff meetings are the perfect forums for recognizing special contributions that teachers or other staff members make. How to keep good teachers motivated this week education world s principal files team chats about what they do to keep good teachers motivated. We try to cut down the amount of paperwork our faculty must do limit the number of staff meetings streamline procedures.

Encourage teachers to ask for the instructional supplies they require to facilitate teaching and learning.

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