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most of the bird forms have a rounded or even anthropomorphic face but the overall morphology and an eye distinctly carved in the appropriate place are unmistakable when one even casually looks for them dating directions columbus ohio. note that nothing like this is present on the uphill east end. Located one minute south of downtown columbus and only 12 minutes from port columbus airport cmh . in addition vertical core samples taken by a professional archaeologist yielded dense homogeneous clay indicating against recent deposition. The original expectation was to deal here only with the artifacts appearing at day s knob but it has subsequently and not surprisingly become clear that material of very similar form and incorporated iconography is to be found in many places in north america as far away as california and rather unexpec tedly in other parts of the world. several spirally fractured deer bones have been unearthed indicating human activity. Robson bonnichsen identified them as human. The sense of community is palpable.

and some of the other artifacts in direct context are very strange including non utilitarian objects of iron the carbon content of which has been radiocarbon dated to roughly 400 ad strongly suggesting prehistoric iron smelting by native americans. For a while this author was tentatively identifying numerous figures on stone tools as animals such as bear and wildcat. below the summer solstice sunset viewed from the top of the knob as the sun arcs downward behind the prominent hill in the distance seen from quite near the location on the hilltop in direct line with the earthwork s gateway. bird human figures click photo for explanation. as is evident in the winter photo above the gateway is also aligned toward the lower hill farther west. if not temporally pre clovis they certainly are technologically and may represent the lithic tools from which clovis and later technology evolved. See our business traveler specials. but subsequently similar artifact material has appeared at other sites in direct context with points blades etc.

sometimes there is a fractal like succession of figures each emerging from the one preceding it. it is quite straight and oriented to true north south. lithic artifact material bearing the carved imagery characteristic of this site has been found in parts of ohio that unlike this location were flattened by glaci ation suggesting that the material in those areas is less than 14 000 years old unless of course it simply survived where it was earlier or was carried in by a glacier .
Temporally diagnostic of time periods as recent as middle woodland roughly 100 bc to 500 ad . such wall earthworks are typically associated with ceremonial sites oriented to solar events and other features of this site suggest that it is the case here. German village is easy to love and hard to leave. Bird shaped tools click image for details.

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