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My girls spent part of their summer attending an academic program at a college located a little over an hour from home. At night when i finally returned home exhausted i heard the chime of an incoming text message and braced myself for the usual barrage of requests and complaints that come so frequently. I want my children to see me as a person other than their mom. Making myself a priority in my own life is the one way i know will adequately prepare me for that day. The truth is i look forward to those few hours away from them with another adult. As i convinced my daughter of her strength i convinced myself of my own. I insisted she tough it out reminding her she is a smart strong beautiful independent woman freaky friday 2003 .

I felt guilty too not only for leaving them behind but also for wanting to. What i found is not only do i enjoy parenting more my kids are far better behaved goal oriented and appreciative than they ever were when i was married. Speed i m not being snarky when i say it d be great if this is sort of hallmark family situation wher. Less than a week after they arrived i took them to visit their younger brother at his sleepaway camp. Parenting actions speak louder than words refers to someone making a bunch of empty promises they dont f. We have events schedule in nyc boston. Now they look forward to spending that special time together.

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But i work through my sadness pessimism and insecurity and fight for the next day a better one. Then before i knew it the future i had planned for them was at my doorstep. Today i own an extensive wardrobe i do love a sale.
But in either case it doesn t hap. On that evening we went to dinner with her grandparents and my daughter s close friend. No is no longer a dirty word in our house. Gone are the days when i didn t exercise because i had no time.


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