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When you start your database design the first thing to analyze is the nature of the application you are designing for is it transactional or analytical. For instance consider a multi level marketing scenario where a sales person can have multiple sales people below them. So for such kinds of fields which are derived from other fields give a thought are they really necessary. In normalization you need to make joins with many tables and in denormalization the joins reduce and thus increase performance. then probably this rule needs to be applied. For instance in the above table we can see the primary key is created on roll number and standard.

For instance in the below diagram you can see 5th standard and fifth standard means the same. These kinds of fields are termed as repeating groups . 11 important database designing rules which i follow 4. creating reading updating and deleting records. In case of olap where we do a lot of summations calculations these kinds of fields are necessary to gain performance. One of the solutions would be to move the data into a different master table altogether and refer them via foreign keys.

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Due this mind set they sometimes hit road blocks as the project moves ahead. If you watch the data closely they actually only have a key and value dating database example. These kinds of columns which have data stuffed with separators need special attention and a better approach would be to move those fields to a different table and link them with keys for better management.
Below are my own 11 rules which i remember on the top of my head while doing db design. The main intention here is to fetch and analyze data as fast as possible dating database example.

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