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The contribution of saint thiruvalluvar in the tamil literature is very notable and admiring visible through the affection returned to him by his fans through construction of this remarkable monument. A very unique feature of the valluvar kottam is that it stands baseless without the support of any pillar. Ganapati sthapati who is also the architect of the statue of saint thiruvalluvar sited at kanyakumari dating places in chennai. The deities or ratha yatra then are brought back to the main temple. Contact our tour planner places to visit in puri ratha yatra or the chariot festival is a hindu festival associated with the god jagannath held annually at puri in orrisa india celebrated on ashadha shukla dwitiya the second day in bright fortnight of ashadha month. The festival commemorates jagannath s another name for lord shiva annual visit to gundicha temple via mausi maa temple which is significant as his aunt s home near balagandi chaka puri. Karunanidhi the then chief minister of tamil nadu dating back to 1975 1976.

The architect under whose guidance the valluvar kottam was built is a south indian architect v. The ancient ruins and other historical sites depict the civilization and the historical past of the city dating places in chennai. It stands on the place of a lake which was then used as a dumping ground for the garbage of the entire city. It is famous for its cultural heritage traditional temples monuments and architectural designs. The lion on the main gateway of the kottam is very remarkable which decorated with attractive designs. The construction of valluvar kottam was the finest way to pay homage to this great and renowned personality as well his tremendous collection of magnificent works. Diese seite bietet aktuelle predigten zum kommenden sonn oder feiertag zum selberlesen sowie zur anregung und unterst tzung f r das eigene predigtschreiben.

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The main auditorium of the valluvar kottam can provide accommodation to more than 4 000 people at one time and stands as a contemporary cenotaph to the great and distinguished poet and saint who symbolizes the splendid culture of the tamils. Later on however the land was reformed and was used to build the valluvar kottam. The valluvar kottam located in chennai is one such historical monument which is dedicated to the well known intellectual poet philosopher and saint thiruvalluvar who penned his well known thirukkural more than 2 000 years ago.
As part of ratha yatra the deities of jagannath balabhadra and subhadra are taken out in a procession to gundicha temple which then stay there for nine days. All the 133 chapters of the thirukkural comprise of 1330 verses. The 1330 verses of the epic thirukkural are engraved on the granite columns in the facade hall corridors enclosing the vast auditorium of the valluvar kottam.

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