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The game distinguishes three types of terrain hard roads pavement cobblestones average some paths dirt sand grass shallow water and soft swamps deep water . If you are about to be rammed you can reduce the damage you will take by moving away from the approaching enemy thus reducing your relative speed and pointing your strongest armour at them. Ballistic trajectory the reticle takes the ballistic trajectory into account so it will automatically aim a little higher while you hover over a visible target red outline . This is particularly important for scouts.

2 only summer maps are available to battle tiers 1 3. You can still move downhill or on any momentum you had. Neon is the first p block noble gas and the first element with a true octet of electrons wot matchmaking table. If spaced armour is impacted by the blast wave first the calculation above is conducted a second time for the underlying hull armour.

If you press capslock 0 during a battle your client will show an additional blue reticle which shows the last information the client has received about where the server is currently placing your aim as well as the size of the aiming circle on the server. For example if your shell flies 1000 m s on a flat trajectory e. Ws weight of stock tank without equipment kg .
There is a delay of at least 5 seconds before victory is yours unless the battle timer runs out earlier .

It is unknown if the circle represents a sphere or a cylinder.

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