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unfortunately there s lots of job advice that insists that you do have to come across as special and some people seem to interpret that to mean they should be arrogant. My boston born boss was dumbfounded dating site ivy league grads. it is like in the post grad movie where the main character goes to an interview and her classmate is also interviewed at the same company and the classmate gets the job but is later thrown out so the company calls and asks if the main character is still interested and then the main character gets the job later. In the second interview i was interviewed by the president of the college and the cio dating site ivy league grads. Of course during all this time i was trying to study and do all i could to brush up on topics they could ask about. It took him two hours most of which he spent walking away from his table and trying to convince customers that he already worked for the company. This one deserves more though than it is given here.

Trixie wwwonka i have burned the bridge one time with a company i interviewed at. but i am upset to find that i can t get a formal interview because other candidates have better qualifications than i do and not me as me cannot do anything. I left with a copy of their hr policies procedures to read by the following monday. But i do not think the interview would have gone the way these applicants believe. It only mattered that he d been rejected. Job applications are so rushed sometimes it s easy to forget basics but you shouldn t forget them . Someone from your firm may attempt to do business with the guy gal you made fun of or verbally abused etc.

No matter how many times i read it it cracks me up. The first year i was asked to interview but the second year i was not. I can understand the frustration from a form rejection letter especially when i hear that they hired someone in house.
He wasn t getting the broad hints i was dropping that i wanted to wrap up the department tour he kept asking probing questions of each person whose office we dropped by or ran into. Our office staff always lets us know if candidates are rude or dismissive of them. Lesley i usually don t reply to rejections though i so seldom receive formal ones that i might start doing so just to thank the person for the taking the time to send one.

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