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The same money power also financed the campaign for the introduction of the income tax. George orwell we are ruled though it may be difficult to imagine by a small dynastic power structure largely consisting of powerful banking families such as the rothschilds rockefellers and others. The central part of the secret society was established by march 1891 using rhodes money dating agencies for over fifties. The essence of oligarchism is summed up in the idea of the empire in which an elite identifying itself as a master race rules over a degraded mass of slaves or other oppressed victims. The web s outer ring contains an assortment of havens such as mauritius in the indian ocean hong kong and the bahamas which britain does not control but which still feed billions in business to the city from around the world.

The voice of the rothschilds prevailed. The second most important tax haven in the world is located on an island. Sutton in his book wall street and the rise of hitler 1976 the western powers continued their unrelenting assault on german cities during world war ii. The movement of the product throughout the country was facilitated by jimmy hoffa and other leaders of the international brotherhood of teamsters working with mafia owned trucking companies. Carroll quigley in his book tragedy and hope the global mafiocracy the banks corporations asset management firms sovereign wealth funds insurance companies and holding companies that collectively own each other and the wider network of global corporate and financial institutions manifesting as a relatively small cartel of roughly 150 large financial institutions that wield unparalleled financial power in the modern world.

Interest rates are being lowered to re inflate asset prices not raised to stabilize the dollar or slow domestic price inflation. It creates dreadful unhappiness amongst ordinary decent people and causes wars debt starvation pollution and environmental destruction. A tiny elite were allowed to become fabulously rich in dollar terms and manipulable by wall street bankers and investors.
In 2009 the web as a whole held an estimated us 3.

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