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In the chinese calendar for 2006 the seventh month qi yue is followed by the intercalary seventh month qi run yue. The lichun solar calendar is traditionally divided into 24 named periods jieqi of about 15 days each. You can easily find that many chinese festivals such as the spring festival chinese new year tomb sweeping day dragon boat festival and the mid autumn festival are calculated according to the chinese lunar calendar. These fall on about the same date in the gregorian calendar give or take a day. Snakes prefer living a life of calmness preferring quietness over noise and a manageable workload rather than a schedule that s overly booked. There is another way to adjust the years and months so that they remain in rough synchronization without using leap days and that is to every few years introduce a whole new leap month chinese dating calendar. The sun and moon cycles are not synchronised and even worse one annual trip around the sun is not a whole number of days on average 365. Despite a widespread campaign to give us back our 11 days by this time the true solar year was out by 11 days the change took place and there was no longer an excuse for complete confusion when comparing dates over europe.

To denote the year of the reign the chinese did not use the standard decimal numbers they used a special cycle of sixty years divided into five groups of twelve years. However they ll be the ones to decide when a relationship has potential and when it does not. Traditionally a chinese lifetime was 60 years unlike the western three score and ten 70 years chinese dating calendar. napolean had an unsuccessful attempt to introduce a ten day week but that lasted only from 1793 to 1806 . The nian year is the complex lunar solar year used for official records and festivals. To find the dominical or sunday letter according to the calendar until the year 2099 inclusive add to the year of our lord its fourth part omitting fractions and also the number 6 divide the sum by 7 and if there is no remainder then a is the sunday letter but if any number remaineth then the letter standing against that number in the small annexed table is the sunday letter. Well firstly the original tax year followed the ancient roman tradition of beginning the year with spring actually on the first quarter day or lady day on march 25th. Note that the ancient romans started the year with the month of march with the spring equinox and had ten months hence our october meaning 8th but now the 10th month november meaning 9 and december meaning 10 .

The fact that sui is used to ask people their age in chinese indicates its long standing association with calendars even though nian is the character for a year. As europe was in the throws of reformation only the roman catholic countries adopted this strange papal invention. Unfortunately they run on different cycles and can be difficult to measure.
To keep the calendar accurate they needed to account for the slight perturbations of the earth and moon. This is the basis of the traditional chinese calendar. This is currently defined to be at the 120 longitude from greenwich and the day starts at midnight at this longitude. So the chinese astronomers use adjusted positions for the sun and moon in calendar calculations rather than their perceived position and it is this that leads to discrepancies from what is actually seen from the earth. The chinese knew this far earlier using very accurate measurements over long periods of time they realised that the heavens didn t quite behave themselves.


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