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the debate was given momentum last week when david cameron s spokesman said the prime minister would have no problem with the veil being banned in his children s schools. Subsequent empires dominated by muslims such as those of the abbasids fatimids almoravids seljukids ajuran adal and warsangali in somalia mughals in the indian subcontinent india bangladesh afghanistan e. 27 the age is traditionally understood to have begun during the reign of the abbasid caliph harun al rashid 786 809 with the inauguration of the house of wisdom in baghdad where scholars from various parts of the world sought to translate and gather all the known world s knowledge into arabic 29 and to have ended with the collapse of the abbasid caliphate due to mongol invasions and the siege of baghdad in 1258. 85 they existed primarily between the fourteenth and the late seventeenth centuries. This led to an early scientific method being developed in the muslim world where progress in methodology was made beginning with the experiments of ibn al haytham alhazen on optics from circa 1000 in his book of optics. People of liberal instincts will have competing notions of how to protect and promote freedom of choice. Distinguishing motifs of islamic architecture have always been ordered repetition radiating structures and rhythmic metric patterns.

82 the industrial uses of watermills in the islamic world date back to the 7th century while horizontal wheeled and vertical wheeled water mills were both in widespread use since at least the 9th century muslim dating restrictions. The major islamic capital cities of baghdad cairo and c rdoba became the main intellectual centers for science philosophy medicine and education. Other features employed as motifs include columns piers and arches organized and interwoven with alternating sequences of niches and colonnettes. In strictest forms the face as well must be covered leaving just a mesh to see through. Despite this there is a presence of depictional art in some muslim societies notably the miniature style made famous in persia and under the ottoman empire which featured paintings of people and animals and also depictions of quranic stories and islamic traditional narratives. 77 muslim engineers also invented crankshafts and water turbines employed gears in mills and water raising machines and pioneered the use of dams as a source of water power used to provide additional power to watermills and water raising machines. Some muslims oppose this charge and instead declare that the media in these countries presses on women to reveal too much in order to be deemed attractive and that this is itself sexist and oppressive.

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It is used to date events in many muslim majority countries and determines the proper days on which to observe the annual fast see ramadan to attend hajj and to celebrate other islamic holidays and festivals muslim dating restrictions. In lebanon the majority muslims 54 were about equally divided between sunni and shia in 2010. But the guidance says that teachers can lawfully impose policies that restrict the freedom of pupils to manifest their religion for example by covering their face or carrying the traditional sikh kirpan dagger on various grounds.
140 the role of domes in islamic architecture has been considerable. Contemporary developments edit this section november 2015 maliki in north africa west africa sahel qatar united arab emirates and kuwait. Mr cameron has so far declined to revisit the rules on veils in schools but his position is coming under pressure as mps from across the political spectrum speak out. In yemen pakistan india afghanistan tajikistan saudi arabia kuwait turkey and syria are countries with sunni populations.


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