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It drives a coach and horses through the government s efforts to prevent sham marriages. Last night the home office insisted it still has the power to investigate suspect marriages and withdraw residency from offenders proxy online sex chat. A spokesman said we are disappointed with the court s findings. The government announced a crackdown on sham marriages in 2005 after the number of suspicious weddings reached 3 700 a year. They would have had to translate all their documents into polish. The judge went on to say that because the brazilian is married to a pole european law requires that he should be given uk residency. Now a landmark legal judgment has ruled that the union must be recognised as legitimate here on human rights grounds.

Polish immigrant aneta kowalczyk and her partner carlos married by proxy in brazil giving him eu residency and the right to live in britain a polish immigrant and a brazilian man who were married at a ceremony which neither attended have been given the right to remain in the uk. Last year we removed a person every eight minutes. The couple simply signed forms and the wedding took place in brazil in march last year without either of them present. While the home office yesterday described the decision to recognise the couple s marriage as disappointing immigration experts were more outspoken. The couple are genuine the brazilian s solicitor vitoria nabas confirmed that the proxy marriage tactic was being used to circumvent uk law and said she had several more clients who are currently pursuing the same route in the home of getting a british visa. Those who succeed by this bizarre route can obtain a meal ticket for life at the british taxpayer s expense. The london based immigration lawyer said if you are not allowed to get married here this is the only way to do it.

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So he arranged for a proxy marriage in his home country. They could have moved to poland but it would have been extremely complicated. This gaping loophole in immigration law is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for otherwise ineligible migrants to live in britain.
Last month senior immigration judge david allen agreed saying since. Brazilian law recognises proxy marriages the marriage of the appellant and his wife is indeed valid under english law proxy online sex chat. The proxy marriage loophole was exposed last month when carlos whose surname is unknown appealed against a home office decision to deny him uk residency. We take a serious view of abuse of the system.


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