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The 1992 population consisted of 12 300 000 saudi arabian citizens and 4 600 000 resident foreigners of whom about half were other arabs. Penalties for the import manufacture possession and consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs are severe. Factors such as the decline in per capita income from the failure of oil revenue to keep up with population growth exposure to youth lifestyles of the outside world lack of access to quality education and employment opportunity change in child rearing practices and attitudes towards the ruling royal family indicate their lives and level of satisfaction will be different than the generation before them saudi arabia dating customs. The same year there were approximately 321 mobile phones in use for every 1 000 people. The country forms a rough triangle tilting from west to east saudi arabia dating customs. The total number of noncitizens living in the country in 2000 was 5 255 000. Some satisfactory american and british managed nursery schools are available.

There are 13 colleges at this university enrolling 20 734 students in 1994 1995 academic years with a teaching staff of 1 263. Other fields include industrial safety and security electronics machine operation and maintenance interior decoration radio and television repair surveying and architectural drawing aviation services and tourism printing air conditioning repair production engineering and mechanics. There are refinery complexes at ras tanura and ras hafji on the persian gulf oil also is shipped to bahrain for refining. Saudi arabia s vast oil reserves and wealth make the country susceptible to internal and external pressures. Style and decoration edit like many people throughout the world many saudis derive much pleasure and pride in their homes. Urbanism architecture and the use of space in 1950 roughly 40 percent of the population was nomadic and resided in tents in highly dispersed patterns on vast rangelands where they migrated with herds of camels sheep and goats to seasonal pastures and for access to water. The law requires workers to be given a rest period of 24 hours which is generally granted on fridays the muslim sabbath.

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It was customary for potential spouses not to meet before the wedding night and marriages had to be arranged by fathers mothers and other relatives. Over the course of the 19th century the al saud made numerous attempts to regain their lost territory but superior ottoman forces as well as resistance from rival clans proved difficult to overcome. Another 38 percent was under 40.
However discreet christian services are held in various private group meetings. Since there was personal danger in revealing the secrets of the women of saudi arabia to the west for the personal safety of the princess the author called her sultana. 6 inland lakes except for artesian wells in the eastern oases saudi arabia has no perennially existing freshwater either pooled in lakes or flowing in rivers. By the end of 2004 there were 240 722 refugees and asylum seekers in saudi arabia.

That does not mean however that judicial structures are entirely absent or that the king s powers are limitless.

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