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5 it was later confirmed that casey braxton lincoln younes would have a holiday romance with britland s character. Neive owns a record label and when she sees phoebe nicholson s isabella giovinazzo music video she comes to summer bay to hear her sing. 20 anderson later said neive was a fun character which attracted her to the role and that she liked how well the writers wrote for her. Phoebe s boyfriend kyle braxton nic westaway tries to negotiate a better contract with neive but she tells him she is not open to negotiations. 5 britland appears as linda in five or six episodes as part of a storyline which sees several show regulars come to london. When neive returns she tells phoebe that she wants to sign her vj andy dating.

Sean tries to find a doctor and ends up at irene roberts s lynne mcgranger house vj andy dating. Irene calls an ambulance and sean is taken to hospital. Sean is knocked unconscious and stops breathing so spencer performs cpr on him. After returning to australia casey video chats with linda. She asks casey to return but he tells her that he needs to stay and be with his family for the time being. Andy is then blamed for the damage and shortly afterwards he runs into sean.

Casey later returns to linda s apartment and stays the night. I hope i don t mess it up for us. 5 the role gave britland a chance to improve her australian accent which she thought was better than it was until the australian crew began laughing at her.
Linda spots casey braxton on a tour bus. 2 sean wants andy to go to the police and change his story about a deal they were both involved in.

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