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So confidence was a gift given by good parenting. Reply july 5 2015 4 54 am blue hun this is not good. When i was naieve and in my twenties i used to be honest with my boyfriends when i had sex with someone else. I think when women put all their eggs into one basket so to speak they are doomed for dissapointment and doomed to go long periods without sex which makes them emotionally vulnerable because they aren t getting any ahum you know what. He stayed 3 months with me and my mother she was picking on both of us and things were uncomfortable for him so he left. Susan i think this advise could be potentially dangerous in that it might convince women to ignore bad feelings they have and tell themselves he just didn t want to hurt my feelings.

Because he don t want to be asked 101 questions. Nowadays i just don t spend any time around people who i m going to offend because at this point in my life it s not worth censoring myself. Poor self worth is what traps us in bad relationships what sabotages new relationships and what causes us to feel so devastated and broken when a relationship ends. It s called get a ball sack get some tact and do the right thing. If they need to do either then they should end it. I think it s just evidence that women love to beat themselves up.

But when you are with each others things seem so real but you will be shocked that a person never meant any of it. I asked who she was it was a friend of his step bro and did n law. All i can say she never let him go and he did try to get rid of her but thought she wasn t managing the divorce and he was trying to help her get through it.
Having strong boundaries means you prioritize your needs and your emotions and do not assume responsibility for someone else s needs and emotions. It avoids a lot of headaches and you always are guaranteed to get sex when you need it. reply july 18 2015 2 19 pm iza you sound like you re full of yourself and seek validation or something you know there s a difference between high self confidence and narcissism right.

I have had my heart broken a lot but i have always known it was my own problem that i had to fix on the inside.

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