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The story clearly functions as a morality tale in which the gossips uphold the social order. In psychology edit evolutionary view edit from dunbar s evolutionary theories gossip originated to help bond the groups that were constantly growing in size. Only three million new female workers entered the workforce during the time of the war. Norman rockwell s image of rosie the riveter received mass distribution on the cover of the saturday evening post on memorial day may 29 1943. After the war the rosies and the generations that followed them knew that working in the factories was in fact a possibility for women even though they did not reenter the job market in such large proportions again until the 1970s.

Muslims are expected to treat each other like brothers deriving from islam s concept of brotherhood amongst its believers. In 2002 the original painting sold at sotheby s for nearly 5 million. For other uses see gossip disambiguation . 7 one government advertisement asked women can you use an electric mixer. Lawsuit katherine is suing new york drug store duane reed over this tweet which used her image without consentplay now rosie the riveter a rosie working on the a 31 vengeance bomber in nashville tennessee 1943 rosie the riveter is a cultural icon of world war ii representing the women who worked in factories and shipyards during world war ii many of whom produced munitions and war supplies sex dating in haviland kansas.

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Giving birth used to be a social ladies only event in which a pregnant woman s female relatives and neighbours would gather. A feminist definition of gossip presents it as a way of talking between women intimate in style personal and domestic in scope and setting a female cultural event which springs from and perpetuates the restrictions of the female role but also gives the comfort of validation. However when someone gossips it effects one in a different manner.
Dunbar 2004 found that 65 of conversations consist of social topics. 28 for some world war ii represented a major turning point for women as they eagerly supported the war effort while other historians emphasize that the changes were temporary and that immediately after the war was over women were expected to return to traditional roles of wives and mothers and finally a third group has emphasized how the long range significance of the changes brought about by the war provided the foundation for the contemporary woman s movement.

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