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This is the hashilus horse riding simulator. What you may not know is that vr in the form of flight and combat simulators has been extensively and successfully used by the military for at least a couple of decades. As you probably know virtual reality vr has been around for a long long time. Virtual reality sex over the last few months i ve been tracking the oculus rift s slow but inexorable rise to sex simulator stardom. When a new kind of technology comes along whether it s something small like a computer chip or something huge like the world wide web it nearly always follows the same path to mass adoption. Which leads me neatly onto another exciting technology that is finally threatening to make a commercial outing virtual reality. To be honest i am rather shocked at just how advanced some of these virtual reality setups are especially when combined with sexy robotic peripherals.

Those of you who have been on the internet for a long time will no doubt notice the similarities between the horse in the video above and the sybian saddle. Later the bleeding edge early adopter enthusiasts jump on board and start espousing it as the next big thing. Extremetech virtual reality and the future of sex by sebastian anthony on april 28 2014 at 12 36 pm this site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Likewise the very first smaller than room size computer was created for the us military s minuteman icbm guidance computer a trend that continues to this day with new computing advances faster chips larger hard drives quicker network connections being embraced by the military hackers pirates don t forget that dvd porn rips are a huge business and gamers many years before the baying masses. We have seen this time and time again over the last 100 years. First we ll look at the current state of the art for virtual reality sex and then we ll look at the future of sex. The internet was created by darpa but it was the reserve of hackers gamers and porn surfers for years before mom and pop finally started emailing and checking their bank balance online.

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And then usually concurrently there are two other industries that regularly embrace new technology before the average consumer wades in games and sex. Suffice it to say that there are lots of software developers and hardware makers that are excited about the sexy applications for oculus rift. The image below is a safe for work still from the video.
First because new technology offers a strategic advantage and tends to be very expensive the military gives it a whirl. Next up we have a beautiful contraption from japanese company tenga which combines an erotic video game a fleshlight like contraption and the oculus rift to create well i ll just let you watch the video so you can see for yourself nsfw . There won t be any nudity but there will be some contraptions and pixelated regions that would look weird if your boss or teacher happened to be watching over your shoulder.

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What happened to the paragon of virtue i fell in love and set out to help fix the world with. I make her give me one more promise that she won t hurt herself while i m out and that she ll call someone to come watch her if she starts feeling like she wants to. I roll my eyes at my own bad pun i am literally keeping tabs on our relationship. how this works is i ve been telling myself nah that can t be what the jigsaw puzzle means. Maybe the puzzle pieces will help how long until you start dating again. She won the hell out of that game but i want to take this opportunity to point out that we re not talking about some remedial course high schooler still figuring out how to not treat people like turds here.

She gets super remorseful and says how awful she d felt about it and how not telling me was the most fucked up stupidest thing she d ever done and how sorry she is and how she doesn t know how i can ever forgive her for this one single thing she did wrong and is so wracked with guilt about how long until you start dating again. the story so far then is that she avoided me for a week to have a guy sleep at her house and they got emotionally closer than appropriate and the only result was that they got kinda cuddly. She tells me the date then gets mad and asks why i m pressing her on this. this doesn t really make any sense as it s not like i have to message all of my facebook friends so as has by now become habit when dealing with zoe s occasional incomprehensible answers i don t question it and to stretch the jigsaw puzzle metaphor just file it away as a puzzle piece. Though at the time i hadn t realized he d been given that chance and took it just the night before. Thank you for being decent finally you lovable jerk.

If boyfriend doesn t back down and notes girlfriend s reason conflicts with other observations girlfriend must get angry and demand boyfriend trust her unconditionally. If boyfriend succumbs to additional bouts of anxiety spent questioning his own sanity girlfriend wins multiply points by number of hours longest panic attack lasts. We argue about it and she says she s not doing therapy for me and i tell her i m not worried about me because i already know not to trust her.
She took me to indiecade east and she got me a pass to see her at gdc and it seemed everything was going immeasurably well until i started succumbing to pointless and seemingly inexplicable bouts of anxiety sometime between the very end of april to the very beginning of may. We d spend a lot of time hacking around on our separate projects together eating vegan food flirting on tumblr and having awesome sex. She gives a tame reason for the discrepancy which is likely untrue but even so a minor enough lie that it isn t worth losing her over.

Zoe s 27 years old and has 19 thousand twitter followers and her own wikipedia article touting her as a voice for all that is right and just and good in the world.

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